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CondoWiz™️ - The #1 Tool for accessing ALL of the condos and projects in the city!

For The Connected Realtor®, Developer, Property Manager

With CondoWiz™️ you now have access to the one tool you need to search the COMPLETE Toronto condo market, saving you time, increasing your professionalism, and helping make more money. The database is updated daily and there are no apps to download. 

  • Complete Profiles: planned projects, pre-construction condos, condos currently under construction & all completed condos
  • Search: by condo name, street name, street address, condo type, community name
  • Built-in mapping features
  • Choose up to 10 Favourites for even quicker access
  • No downloads, no waiting for updates
  • Instant access. One source.
Straightforward Pricing. No small print:
$89 One-Time Setup Fee

$4.99/mo ($59.88/year)   1 YEAR Subscription
$3.99/mo ($95.76/2year) 2 YEAR Subscription

Subscriptions renew automatically and are paid in advance. You may cancel at any time but will be charged for the entire term.

Go to the front of the line and add the hottest tool to your arsenal!

Tip: After you've signed up, be sure to create a shortcut on your smartphone and/or computer desktop to gain quick access. Once you log in from your device/computer, your credentials will be memorized (assuming you select that option).

CondoWiz Dashboard

CondoWiz Screenshot

User Dashboard

The CondoWiz User Dashboard is your control centre. From here you can access all features of the mobile database:

  1. User Account Info
  2. Search Condos by Name, Attribute, Condo Corporation Number
  3. Choose Favourites (up to 10) for quick access
  4. Manage Your Subscription
  5. Access Help and Support
The database is comprehensive: it includes all completed condos, planned and announced projects (pre-construction), and condos that are currently under construction in the city of Toronto.

CondoWiz Condo Profile

CondoWiz Condo Profile

Just the facts

  • Condo Profile Image
  • Address
  • Web Links
  • Community Name
  • Condo Type
  • Condo Style
  • Condo Corporation Number (Completed Condo Only)
  • Builder Name
  • Architect and/or Interior Designer
  • Completion Date (Estimated Completion Date for Projects)
  • Full Condo Description
  • Amenities
  • Property Management Company with Phone Number (Completed Condo Only)